LG UK6300PUE Specs (65UK6300PUE, 55UK6300PUE, 50UK6300PUE, 49UK6300PUE, 43UK6300PUE) : LG’s 2018 Affordable 4K LED TV Model


LG UK6300PUE (65UK6300) is the basic model of LG’s 2018 4K LED TV. As the basic model, LG UK6300PUE comes as the most affordable option for LG’s 4K LED TV from their 2018 lineup. It comes with 5 screen size options : 65-Inch (65UK6300PUE), 55-Inch (55UK6300PUE), 50-Inch (50UK6300PUE), 49-Inch (49UK6300PUE)…
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